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July 14, 2024
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AIDS RESEARCH: Earmark draws criticism, creates confusion (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen.
T-bet or not T-bet (Perspective)
By Robin D. Hatton and Casey T. Weaver.
Calculating the potential epidemic-level impact of therapeutic vaccination on the San Francisco HIV epidemic (Report)
By Sally M. Blower, Ronald B. Moss, Eduardo Fernandez-Cruz.
Induction of APOBEC3G ubiquitination and degradation by an HIV-1 Vif-Cul5-SCF complex (Report)
By Xiao-Fang Yu et al.
HIV and hepatitis C epidemics in Africa: continuing the debate (Perspective)
By John J. Potterat et al.
Recent trends in HIV prevalence among pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa (Report)
By J. Ties Boerma et al.
Myanmar (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Vietnam — HIV and heroin: a deadly international affair (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Thailand & Cambodia — Two hard-hit countries offer rare success stories (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Thailand beats the odds in completing vaccine test (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Lessons in immune surveillance: Self-inhibition of synthesis and antigen presentation by Epstein-Barr virus-encoded EBNA1 (Report)
By Yili Yin, Bénédicte Manoury, Robin Fåhraeus
Virology: Weapons of mutational destruction (Perspective)
By Vineet N. KewalRamani and John M. Coffin
Antiretroviral drugs for tuberculosis control in the era of HIV/AIDS (Report)
By Brian G. Williams and Christopher Dye
CD8+ memory T cells require CD4+ T cell help: Implication for therapeutic and preventive HIV vaccines (Perspective)
By Ronald B. Moss and Peter L. Salk
Health care transmission of HIV in South African children (Perspective)
By Stuart Brody et al.
The speed of HIV spread (Perspective)
By Marcia L. Triunfol
VaxGen: are there hints of race-based effects? (Perspective)
By Patricia Kahn, from the IAVI Report
Antibody domain exchange is an immunological solution to carbohydrate cluster recognition (Report)
By Daniel A. Calarese et al.
The need for a global HIV vaccine enterprise (Perspective)
By Richard D. Klausner et al.
Predicting the public health impact of antiretrovirals: preventing HIV in developing countries (Perspective)
By Sally M. Blower and Paul Farmer
Hybrid origin of SIV in chimpanzees (Report)
By Paul M. Sharp et al.
Examining the hypothesis that sexual transmission drives Africa’s HIV epidemic (Perspective)
By David Gisselquist et al.
Drug trials without the drugs? (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Hypermutation of HIV-1 DNA in the absence of the Vif protein (Report)
By Allan J. Hance et al.
Recruitment of HIV and its receptors to dendritic cell-T cell junctions (Report)
By Thomas J. Hope et al.
Requirement for CD4 T cell help in generating functional CD8 T cell memory (Report)
By Devon J. Shedlock and Hao Shen
CD8 T cells remember with a little help (Perspective)
By Susan M. Kaech and Rafi Ahmed
Neutralizing antibody response to HIV and virus escape (Perspective)
By Roberto Fernandez-Larsson
AIDS vaccine results draw investor lawsuits (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Barebacking and bug chasers: expressions of an HIV subculture (Perspective)
By Marcia Triunfol
Vaccine results lose significance under scrutiny (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
AIDS vaccine trial produces disappointment and confusion (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Cent Gardes vaccine meeting highlights role of antibodies in protection (Perspective)
By Patricia Kahn, from the IAVI Report
Spread of HTLV-I between lymphocytes by virus-induced polarization of the cytoskeleton (Report)
By Tadahiko Igakura, et al.
Topical microbicide prevents HIV transmission (Perspective)
By Marcia Triunfol
Current HIV/AIDS-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices among the general population in China: Implications for action (Report)
By Deborah Holtzman, et al.
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