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November 28, 2022
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2002 AIDScience Articles
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Raising new barriers against HIV infection (Perspective)
By Rebecca Spieler Trager
Reflections on HIV prevention strategies in the United States in 2002 (Perspective)
By David R. Holtgrave
The need to understand vaccine demand (Perspective)
By Emily Bass, from the IAVI Report
Discovering the cause of AIDS (Perspective)
By Stanley B. Prusiner
A history of HIV discovery (Perspective)
By Luc Montagnier
The early years of HIV/AIDS (Perspective)
By Robert C. Gallo
Enhanced: Prospects for the future (Perspective)
By Robert C. Gallo and Luc Montagnier
Protective immunity in HIV-1-exposed, persistently seronegative subjects (Perspective)
Q & A mini review by Claudia Devito
Barcelona sessions spark full discussion of partially effective vaccines (Perspective)
By Emily Bass, from the IAVI Report
Superinfection: What does it mean for vaccines? (Perspective)
By Patricia Kahn, from the IAVI Report
Anti-R7V antibodies may protect some HIV-infected patients from developing AIDS: A conversation with Jean-Claude Chermann (Perspective)
Interview with Jean-Claude Chermann
Contribution of human a-defensin-1, -2 and -3 to the anti-HIV-1 activity of CD8 antiviral factor (Report)
By Linqi Zhang, Wenjie Yu, Tian He, Jian Yu, Rebecca E. Caffrey, Enrique A. Dalmasso, Siyu Fu, Thang Pham, Jianfeng Mei, Jaclyn J. Ho, Wenyong Zhang, Peter Lopez, and David D. Ho
Mystery anti-HIV factor unmasked? (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Broadly cross-reactive anti-HIV neutralizing antibodies: A conversation with Robert Gallo (Perspective)
Interview with Robert Gallo
Learning from microbicides: A young field's experience working with high-risk women (Perspective)
By Emily Bass, from the IAVI Report
HIV/AIDS: Malawi: A suitable case for treatment (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
HIV/AIDS MEETING: Tough challenges ahead on political and scientific fronts (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Injecting drug users and HIV vaccine trials: What does the science say? (Perspective)
By Chris Beyrer
Review: Diversity considerations in HIV-1 vaccine selection (Report)
By Brian Gaschen, et al.
Policy Forum: China and AIDS—The time to act is now (Perspective)
By Joan Kaufman and Jun Jing
Letter: HIV-1 diversity and vaccine development (Perspective)
By Gary Nabel, et al.
VACCINES: Monkey puzzles (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
THERAPIES: Confronting the limits of success (Perspective)
By Jon Cohen
Insights into HIV-specific CD4+ T cell immunity (Perspective)
By Ronald B. Moss
"Natural" resistance to HIV: Is the evidence good enough to design an effective vaccine? (Report)
By Paul Palumbo, Joan Skurnick, Christine Rohowsky-Kochan, and Donald Louria
Evidence of HIV-1 adaptation to HLA-restricted immune responses at a population level (Report)
By Corey B. Moore, Mina John, Ian R. James, Frank T. Christiansen, Campbell S. Witt, Simon A. Mallal
HLA leaves its footprints on HIV (Perspective)
By Andrew McMichael and Paul Klenerman
Paradigm shift for HIV prevention in the United States (Perspective)
By Gordon Mansergh
Warming trends at Keystone vaccine conference (Perspective)
By Emily Bass and Richard Jefferys, from the IAVI Report
Development of the dual-subtype feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine (Report)
By Janet K. Yamamoto, Barbara A. Torres and Ruiyu Pu
Eat your corn flakes—and get vaccinated? (Perspective)
Interview with John Howard, from ProdiGene Inc.
Retrovirus 2002: Merck debuts phase I data (Perspective)
By Richard Jefferys and Emily Bass, from the IAVI Report
No hope for an AIDS vaccine soon (Perspective)
By Heinz Köhler, Sybille Müller, and Veljko Veljkovic
Advances in the prevention of mother-to-child HIV-1 transmission: current issues, future challenges (Report)
By Marc Bulterys, Monica L. Nolan, Denise J. Jamieson, Kenneth Dominguez and Mary Glenn Fowler
AIDS and vaccine development in Asia (Perspective)
By Patricia Kahn and Ian Grubb
Implications for HIV prevention programs of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States (Perspective)
By David R. Holtgrave
Microbicides to prevent heterosexual transmission of HIV: Ten years down the road (Report)
By Janneke van de Wijgert and Christiana Coggins
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