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May 23, 2024
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2001 AIDScience Articles
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HIV-1 traffic: cell-free, cell-associated and other CNS activating stories (Report)
By Yuri Persidsky and Anuja Ghorpade
The effectiveness of needle exchange programs: A review of the science and policy (Report)
By Steffanie A. Strathdee and David Vlahov
Treatment for HIV/AIDS in Brazil: strengths, challenges, and opportunities for operations research (Report)
By Francisco Inácio Bastos, Deanna Kerrigan, Monica Malta, Claudia Carneiro-da-Cunha, and Steffanie A. Strathdee
AIDS vaccines and HIV transmission via breastfeeding. Is there a role for vaccines in protecting infants against HIV in breast milk? (Perspective)
By Emily Bass
Progress toward an AIDS vaccine: Prospects for protective immunity (Perspective)
By Laurence Peiperl
Anti-HIV-1 microbicide potential of the tight-binding nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor UC781 (Report)
By Gadi Borkow and Michael A. Parniak
Urgency and optimism at the AIDS Vaccine 2001 conference (Perspective)
By Marthali Nicodemus, Hakima Sbai, and Anne S. De Groot
National Institutes of Health AIDS research priorities and funding (Perspective)
By Jack Whitescarver, Wendy J. Wertheimer, and Robert W. Eisinger
With fears fading, more gays spurn old preventive message (Perspective)
By Erica Goode
New studies help put mucosal immunity on the radar (Perspective)
By Emily Bass
The AIDS obstructionists (Perspective)
By David Horowitz
HIV prevention in the African-American community: Why isn't anybody talking about the elephant in the room? (Perspective)
By Robert E. Fullilove
Gallo on HIV vaccines (Perspective)
Interview with Robert Gallo
Success and new challenges for AIDS control in Thailand (Perspective)
By M. Ainsworth, C. Beyrer, and A. Soucat
Problems and advances in reducing transmission of HIV-1 through breast-feeding in developing countries (Report)
By H. M. Coovadia and A. Coutsoudis
HIV prevention research: progress and challenges in the new millennium (Perspective)
By Steve Bende and Anthony S. Fauci
Designing HIV-1 vaccines to reflect viral diversity and the global context of HIV/AIDS (Report)
By A.S. De Groot, H. Sbai, J. Frost, C. Saint-Aubin, N. Chinai, W. Martin, A. Bosma, G. Skowron, and K. H. Mayer
The AIDS crisis in the United States is not over (Perspective)
By Monica S. Ruiz
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