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May 27, 2020
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Reviewed HIV/AIDS Sites
The Center for AIDS Prevention Studies Introduces to provide answers about HIV/AIDS to young people via the Web

This dynamic new site was developed by the faculty and staff of HIV InSite to provide straightforward, unbiased, nonjudgmental, accurate, and timely information about HIV/AIDS to young people who are searching for answers on the Web. is divided into three main sections: learn, talk, and do.

The learn section of the site provides FAQs, fact sheets, statistics, news, links to other HIV/AIDS and teen issue sites, and more. There is a piece on sexuality, examining questions such as "How can you tell if you're ready [for sex]?" and "How do you make decisions that you can feel good about?"

The talk section of the site is a forum for youth to express their opinions, offer advice, ask questions of experts, link to chat and discussion sites, post original essays and stories, and contemplate scenarios. An example of a question posed in the scenarios is "What would you do if your boyfriend refused to wear a condom?" Youth are encouraged to submit their responses to be posted on the site.

The do portion of features event information (conferences, fundraisers, trainings, etc), details about and links to groups fighting HIV/AIDS among youth, and links to online activism sites.

Paula Werner



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