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May 28, 2020
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Roche announces the launch of revamped

Roche has announced that their Web site is live and ready for use after a massive re-design and upgrade. The site brings detailed up-to-the-minute HIV-infection and treatment information to physicians and healthcare workers around the world.

"This revamped Web site is the ideal arena in which to share factual and up-to-date information amongst professionals in an easily-accessible way" said Dr David Reddy, Roche HIV Franchise Leader. "The site embodies our commitment to providing important resources in terms of education, information, and training to people involved with HIV treatment. Professionals can access help at the click of a button to guide patients through medical, emotional and practical issues surrounding HIV infection."

The continually updated site has been considerably revised to be more navigable. highlights include:

  • ‘Living with HIV’: A growing resource including patient information and care materials for physicians to use in the management of their patients, with user-friendly tools such as Patient Care and Viral Load booklets.
  • Product Information: New and detailed information on products licensed for the treatment of HIV and associated diseases, including Roche’s protease inhibitors Viracept® (nelfinavir) and Fortovase® (saquinavir), and new products such as Pegasys® (peginterferon alfa-2a) that has recently been launched in Switzerland for the treatment of Hepatitis C, which is an increasing problem as a co-infection for people with HIV/AIDS. The site also provides information on Roche’s considerable research and development activities including the co-development of the first investigational fusion inhibitor, T-20, with its US partner Trimeris Inc. The increasing incidence of multi-drug resistant virus means that new generations of HIV drugs are urgently needed. Roche and Trimeris are planning to invest approximately half a billion US dollars to develop this class of medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Interactive Web Casts: Web casts featuring key opinion leader presentations addressing such topical issues as protease inhibitor boosting and treatment sequencing.
  • ‘HIV and Treatment’: A Web page that provides audio-visual educational information on the epidemiology of HIV, its life cycle and the clinical course of infection. In addition, the site covers vital treatment areas such as viral resistance and drug-adherence.



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