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February 7, 2016
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Vol. 2, No. 9, 10 May 2002
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AIDScience Perspective:
Vaccine research:
Warming trends at Keystone vaccine conference
by Emily Bass and Richard Jefferys, from the IAVI Report.
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AIDScience Report:
Newly licensed feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine provides sterilizing immunity in vaccinated cats: What can be learned?
Development of the dual-subtype feline immunodeficiency virus vaccine
By Janet K. Yamamoto, Barbara A. Torres and Ruiyu Pu
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Hot News:
From Medscape: Recombinant forms of HIV spreading globally. Newly identified recombinant forms of HIV-1 are being spread to diverse geographic regions, investigators report, which could have implications for the development of an AIDS vaccine..
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J. Acquir. Immune Defic. Syndr. 29, 522 (2002) [PubMed]
J. Acquir. Immune Defic. Syndr. 29, 536 (2002) [PubMed]
AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 18, 477 (2002) [Headline]
Broadly cross-reactive HIV-1-neutralizing human monoclonal Fab selected for binding to gp120-CD4-CCR5 complexes. An HIV-1-neutralizing human monoclonal Fab selected for binding to gp120-CD4-CCR5 complexes, could possibly be used as entry inhibitor alone or in combination with other antiretroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV-1-infected individuals.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99, 6913 (2002) [See abstract]
Researchers use gene therapy to destroy HIV. HIV could be stopped in its tracks by using gene therapy to prevent the virus from replicating in infected cells.
Nat. Biotechnol. 20, 500 (2002) [Headline]
NeuroAIDS: Early psychomotor slowing predicts the development of HIV dementia and autopsy-verified HIV encephalitis. Testing for early psychomotor slowing may be used to identify patients at risk of HIV dementia and HIV encephalitis.
Acta Neurol. Scand. 105, 270 (2002) [PubMed]
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Latest News Headlines: [What is this?]
CDC recommends yearly AIDS tests. Los Angeles Times. May 10, 2002
Gilead Sciences shares up. May 10, 2002
Diplomats urged to back families, teen abstinence. Washington Times. May 10, 2002
Uganda leader's successful strategy: Bring AIDS awareness into the open. Washington Post. May 10, 2002
HIV therapy works for older people too. Yahoo! News. May 10, 2002
CDC warns spermicides can't prevent STDs. Yahoo! News. May 10, 2002
Eight thousand children and young people are infected with HIV every day. UNAIDS release. May 10, 2002
Expert says China's economy at risk from HIV/AIDS. Yahoo! News. May 9, 2002
US: Potential shortage of supplemental HIV-1 kits. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. May 9, 2002
Serono subpoenaed in review of AIDS drug sales. Boston Globe. May 9, 2002
AIDS vaccine may offer compromise, researcher says. Yahoo! News. May 9, 2002
Education suffers in Africa as AIDS ravages teachers. New York Times. May 8, 2002
South Africa says HIV/AIDS youth infection stabilizes. Yahoo! News. May 7, 2002
The Immune Response Corporation completes $4 million in private financing. Immune Response Corp. release. May 7, 2002
International Red Cross launches campaign against stigma of AIDS. Yahoo! News. May 7, 2002
Sweden's Bioption, IAVI partnering to develop globally accessible AIDS vaccines. IAVI release. May 6, 2002
South Africa AIDS policy in the dock. BBC News. May 5, 2002
HIV cases must be reported, with patient codes, not names. Los Angeles Times. May 5, 2002
HIV tests for TB patients call. BBC News. May 4, 2002
India sets up first AIDS forum. BBC News. May 4, 2002
California: Doctors, labs for first time have to report new HIV cases. San Francisco Chronicle. May 4, 2002
Report: Teenage complacency fuels new AIDS crisis. Yahoo! News. May 4, 2002
New chip analyses DNA 'in minutes'. Yahoo! News. May 4, 2002
South Dakota town deal with HIV fears. New York Times. May 3, 2002
Some immune cells at risk during HIV drug vacations. Yahoo! News. May 3, 2002
Gene therapy can destroy HIV. MSNBC. May 3, 2002
South Africa AIDS drug ruling protested. Yahoo! News. May 3, 2002
HIV 'targets key defence cells'. BBC News. May 2, 2002
AIDS drug trials see a race disparity. Boston Globe. May 2, 2002
South Africa contests AIDS-drug ruling. Washington Times. May 2, 2002
Cheaper AIDS drugs for Kenyans. BBC News. May 2, 2002
UN says India may overtake South Africa in AIDS cases. Yahoo! News. May 2, 2002
Islamic priests to help fight AIDS in Kashmir. Yahoo! News. May 1, 2002
Lack of funds could force AIDS treatment centers in Jamaica to close. Yahoo! News. May 1, 2002
Uganda to fight HIV by rewarding virginity. May 1, 2002
Short unhappy lives: a look at three HIV-positive children in South Africa. Yahoo! News. May 1, 2002
Gilead net loss narrows. Yahoo! News. May 1, 2002
Parenthood help for men with HIV. New York Times. April 30, 2002
Zambia OKs $42 million AIDS credit with World Bank. Yahoo! News. April 30, 2002
'Down-low' status threatens black women. Yahoo! News. April 30, 2002
Poor protection for those with HIV/AIDS. The Times (London). April 30, 2002
4th person positive in felony HIV case. Yahoo! News. April 30, 2002
Nasdaq may delist Immune Response Corporation. Immune Response Corporation release. April 30, 2002
Student's HIV charge detailed. Yahoo! News. April 29, 2002
HIV/Aids prevalence increasing in Zanzibar. April 29, 2002
The AIDS Fund gets going (editorial). Washington Post. April 29, 2002
Big HIV problem hits small college town. Los Angeles Times. April 28, 2002
Minorities hit harder by HIV in New York. Newsday. April 28, 2002
Le relapse: Libertinism makes a comeback in French clubs. New York Times. April 28, 2002
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Latest Journal Headlines: [What is this?]
HAART treatment does not increase sexual risk behaviour among French HIV infected IDUs. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. (Posted: May 10, 2002)
Lessons for mother-to-child HIV transmission prevention programmes. AIDS. (Posted: May 10, 2002)
Factors associated with persistent high-risk syringe sharing in the presence of an established NEP. AIDS. (Posted: May 10, 2002)
Implementation of an Italian multicentric care network for early HIV infection diagnosis. J. Biol. Regul. Homeost. Agents. (Posted: May 10, 2002)
NeuroAIDS: Early brain atrophy in HIV infection: a radiological-stereological study. Neuroradiology. (Posted: May 10, 2002)
Trends in diseases reported on U.S. death certificates that mentioned HIV infection, 1987-1999. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. (Posted: May 9, 2002)
Researchers Use Gene Therapy to Destroy HIV. Nature Biotechnology. (Posted: May 9, 2002)
HIV and AIDS risk behaviors among female jail detainees. American Journal of Public Health. (Posted: May 8, 2002)
Replication and compartmentalization of HIV-1 in kidney epithelium of patients with HAN. Nature Medicine. (Posted: May 8, 2002)
Disrupted homeostasis of Langerhans cells and interdigitating dendritic cells in monkeys with AIDS. Blood. (Posted: May 8, 2002)
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